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Tbh I seriously doubt Scotland is stupid enough to vote out of the UK given the myriad of economic problems that will face them if they do (and that’s just one issue of many). There’s too many risks. Way too many.

it’s hard to know who to believe but it seems…

“idiotic patriotism” couldn’t describe it more perfectly myself.

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nudists don’t have pockets


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desatando-pensamientos asked: 31, 48, 76, 83, 95 :D

31. I was probably about like 14?
48. Not bothered by foreskin. Honestly don’t care.
76. Never caught but almost caught naked making out and grinding on the guy I was on dates with.
83. Worst place is probably at work on tills haha.
95. Something I do t like about my body? Hmm all of it haha. Hate my body!

Anonymous asked: I'm pretty sure most of us thirst follow you. It was your eyebrows what I liked the most. And you are hot, you really are, you are one of those hot guys you want to ride and eat their ass.

You want to ride me and eat my ass you say?…… Hmmm

But thank you for your compliments and your thirst follow :D